Recording Studio in London


A world class producer, state of the art equipment and relaxing surrounding to help you make the most of your recording? If this is what you are looking for from a recording studio in London then Fluke Productions can help.

Fluke makes the whole recording experience enjoyable and as easy as possible so that artists can produce their best work from Fluke’s intimate and well equipped studio in East London. They will give advice on arrangements and melodies to help artists develop their work, as well as being highly experienced on the technical side of recording.

Dozens of vocalists, rappers, bands and other recording artists have experienced what this small and friendly recording studio in London has to offer. It is in a convenient location at Dalston Junction so can be easily reached by tube but is also quiet enough to be relaxing for artists to record in. They even have outside space for their clients to use between recording sessions if required.


Although the facilities and surroundings are second to none at our recording studio in London Fluke also has something no other studio can boast and that’s the Producer, Luke Henderson. Luke is a highly experienced and dedicated producer who is passionate about helping recording artists of all types achieve their potential. He has worked with many vocalists and Luke prides himself on getting the best from all of them, regardless of the level of their experience at recording. Luke can create backing tracks and beats for any melody and to suit any style, either covers or originals. Luke is an expert in many genres; he has produced beats for hip-hop artists and original compositions for film, TV and games. Luke can also help artists reach new audiences by helping them with remixes for radio, clubs or live performances to give musical versatility at a relatively low cost. Luke also enjoys coaching artists on their vocal techniques and helping them develop their lyric writing abilities.

Fluke Productions recording studio can help with the more practical side of music making as well. They have a wide range of musicians and recording artists on their books if backing is needed for a recording and they can convert recordings to any multimedia format in a fast, flexible and inexpensive way. The recording equipment is state of the art, as are the instruments available but Fluke is constantly updating and improving its gear and is more than happy to try and help source anything a bit unusual an artist may want to use for their recording.

With prices starting at just £170 a day for studio use, including the services of our producer, Luke Henderson, and an accessible location we at Fluke recording studios, London believe we are one of the best value recording studios available. Fluke believes that artists produce their best work in an enjoyable and relaxing environment and so are happy to provide that, with the added bonus of a world class producer and the best equipment.


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