Need a Replacement iPhone 6 Screen?

The iPhone 6 is the new kid on the block from Apple. Amongst its numerous new features includes of course, a larger screen to compete against the larger phones that the Android and Windows market have been operating in. Apples iPhone 6 screen size has increased to 4.7 inches, and this offers a wider range of uses for the user. One thing that hasn’t materialized is the Sapphire glass that was heavily rumored to be used in the build up to the new release. This means that the iPhone 6 is still prone to the same vulnerability as previous generations were, and if not careful, you too may require an iPhone 6 screen replacement.

With its larger screen size, the new iPhone 6 feels different to use. If your hands are smaller, it may take some time to get used to holding it. It will be at these early stages of getting used to holding it that accidents may occur. A single drop may see your screen smash, and you needing an iPhone 6 screen replacement.


Thankfully there is already a place where you can get a screen replacement, and not have to fork out 600 pounds for a new iPhone. is already stocked with replacement iPhone 6 screens, and is able to ship out a new screen to you, or fix it for you if you send your phone in.


Getting to handle your iPhone 6 screen replacement gives you peace of mind. Firstly, if you choose to replace it yourself, they will ship the part out to you, and provide you with the tools and instructions on how to carefully remove the broken screen and fit the replacement.


Alternatively, you can send your phone to them and they will perform the iPhone 6 screen replacement for you. This way you will know that the repair will be done by top professional technicians and you’ll be assured of a fully operational phone again. are fully endorsed by Apple, and use genuine Apple parts or high quality equivalent. They are also the repair agents for O2 and the BBC, so their credentials are there. All parts and labour come with a full year’s warranty, and all repairs are trackable so you can see where your phone is at any part of the process.


So if you are one of the unlucky ones to already need an iPhone 6 screen replacement, don’t fear visit iPhonefixed and they will get your phone working in next to no time.

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