Robot Vacuum Technology

Chances are, if you’re like most people, you probably have a vacuum in your home. Whether it be a handheld vacuum, your best vacuum for pet hair, an upright vacuum, or a robot vacuum, you likely have some kind of device to clean up around your house. But chances are also likely that you’ve never thought about the technological advances that are built into one particular vacuum type – the robot vacuum.

Yes, it seems odd to associate technological advancement with a vacuum, but a robot vacuum really is a wonder. Specifically, the robot vacuums made my iRobot, and their Roomba brand. Think about it: these little machines, weighing no more than 8 pounds, can vacuum your entire place when you’re not even home! They feature powerful 1+ amp motors and complex cleaning and filtration systems that allow it to process all that dirt and debris.

Perhaps the most impressive technological feature of a Roomba robot vacuum is its ability to navigate your home, all on its own. The Roombas feature what’s known as a “virtual wall” so that it knows how much floor to cover, where to navigate and pivot, and where not to enter, so that it can maintain its cleaning path without interference.

The robot vacuums filter is also technologically impressive. Most brands feature what’s known as a HEPA filter, that helps traps dust, allergens, and tiny particles, that’s packed inside that tiny machine. Another technological advancement on some Roomba models is a trash bin detection, which notifies the user when the vacuum is full and ready to be emptied.

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