What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is an American company that creates Software as a Service, best known for producing the CRM platform with the same name as the company. It was founded in 1999 by Marc Benioff, Oracle’s former executive at a time that little was talked about cloud computing. The company is present in over 23 countries and annual revenues around US $ 3.5 billion.

In 2013, the company opened its first office in Brazil in the city of São Paulo. In the same year for the third consecutive time, Salesforce.com led the world ranking of Innovation by US magazine Forbes. They said Salesforce is an essential tool for providing of cloud solutions that acts in accordance with market needs and monitoring its customers and partners. More than 800 applications in 16 languages are available. This software has created a wave of functionality for sales and marketing professionals.

About The System

Salesforce’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the most powerful tool on the market. Through it, your company can manage a potential customer from first contact until all its future relationship with the company.

To organize your sales department, you can sort the contact based on custom criteria, schedule meetings and even send e-mails without leaving the platform. You can still organize all material such as presentations, documents and others to access the entire sales team.

The system is divided into different sets of tools called clouds, and every cloud supports a different part of your overall plan of relationship management.


Large companies were in need of integration, customized CRM software to manage your business information within days or weeks. Salesforce provided the answer.


The main CRM web based software is available for managing sales forecasts and orders, marketing plans, knowledge management, service and support, partner relations, analysis and application development client. Each is designed for the specific needs of different industries.


The Web-based CRM includes an interactive panel and custom reporting tools to leads and contact management.


Salesforce is a proven system to help manage large volumes of information in an organization and improves communication between service departments and customers. There are also plenty of additional de-duplication applications you can add onto Salesforce.