Scanning books on a document scanner

You’ve got a lot of books and you’re an avid reader. That’s great! But where do you store all your books? Space is becoming a problem especially in the big city. How do you keep your precious book collection, but still have space in your house. Maybe you can achieve this by yourself. But trust me, you have to be a good professional working with highly advanced equipment to do that. That’s why book scanning companies have appeared, because people want quality scanning.

I’m sure you’ve thought that you can just buy a 100 dollar book scanner and you’re done, but you’d be very wrong. Trying to scan a book on those scanners is like taking your Sedan to a Formula 1 race. You can kinda get the picture. The images come out horribly. They have shadows, curved text and everything. Not gonna work. You have to use a book scaning service likeĀ Overnight Scanning. They will do the dirty job of not only scanning the book, but also cleaning up the images and creating the adequate file formats. There are lots of book scanning providers out there, no need to stick to this specific one necesarily, just an example.

The idea is that outsourcing your scanning is going to come out much better in the long run, than in-house scanning. It’s like a problem that you take on, but trust me you don’t know half of the details until you actually get to do the thing. It starts with poor lighting, curved text, shadows etc. You won’t be able to extract the content of the book because of the bad scanning quality. Extracting the text of the book is the key element in this, because it gives you so many possibilities after that. The conclusion? Outsource your scanning and save yourself the money. It’s worth it.

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