Why you should not be scared to approach women!

Let’s be honest… when you see an attractive woman passing by, do you get all tied up and scared to even set a foot towards her, paralyzed to strike up a conversation?

Yeah, we have all been there, but I would like to tell you why you don’t have to be scared about approaching women!

True, it can actually happen that a woman will bite you, will yell at you or will roughly reject you, but even though this may happen, chances are somewhere around 1-5%.

In most cases women are okay with it if you walk up to them. They have been there too, we all have. And we all know what it is like to approach another one and that it takes a hell of courage to do so.

If you act natural and don’t „hit on her“ in a way that she feels like being sexual harassed,  nothing bad is going to happen to you. And for the rare two times this may actually happen in your lifetime, know that she is having had either a very bad day because she is full of bad emotions that she just had to let out on you or she is the kind of person you do not want even to waste a second of your valueable time on.

And I hope these two rough lifetime events will occurr to you sooner than later, and here’s why:

 1) There is nothing bad or scary about approaching a woman. Be cool with it.

2) There is nothing bad about being rejected – no matter if she even does it in a bad way.

And you need to get that in you mind as it is the only requirement every man needs to fulfill in order to approach women.

The reason why most men are so scared about approaching women and the possible negative outcome of being rejected is because they have low self esteem, and need the approval of others to feel valuable.

So if you manage to feel like a valuable man with high standards and know that women will find you attractive, no rejection can ever do any harm to you and you can even smile about it.

So, go out there, appraoch women, get rejected sooner than later, and then see that there is nothing bad about it, so in the near future you can feel comfortable walking up to women you like and easily strike up a conversation!

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 Mark Lambert

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