SCIENTILLION – A Publication and Science Search Engine

Scientillion is a search engine for scientists and researchers. It has been specifically designed to perform full-text searches on the most important repositories of scientific publications like or Like that it is possible to search millions of pre-prints and full-text articles of scientific papers from natural sciences like astronomy, biology, mathematics, computer science, physics or medicine. The search-engine performs surprisingly fast and a handsome ad-on are author-searches which make it possible to list publications from certain authors only.

The project is still rather young but nevertheless already performs surprisingly well giving precise results for highly specific queries and in fact already now can support researchers in their day-by-day business. In order not to loose track on interesting papers the search-engine allows to build ones private bookmark library which is accessible from any place in the world.

Apart from the search feature Scientillion also comes with a huge online database for formulas from mathematics and physics. The formulas include different difficulty levels starting at highschool and going deeper to highly specific statistical tests and probability distributions. Unlike many other online formula collections the formulas offered by Scientillion are search-able and properly rendered. They can be easily copied and pasted or be exported to common formats like MathML.

The combination of publication, author and formula-search turns Scientillion into a knowledge base that provides great results for scientists with maximum clarity. It is a single source for factual queries, so get a feel of it under

It probably will make your life a lot easier if you are into research. Maybe you not yet have discovered Scientillion but it is likely that Scientillion already found you if you try the author search.