Secure server migration for business

The data contained in your server might have to migrate for any number of reasons. It might have to be moved because of security reasons, because equipment is being replaced or simply because you want to increase the speed of your server by relocating to a new location. This process is often performed by a team of specialists who work specifically with servers, although it is also possible for people with some computer skills to migrate their own data between servers. However, it must be kept in mind that IT migration always holds the risks of data going missing or becoming damaged and the more experience you have in the field the lower the risks become.


During the migration process, data may be temporarily inaccessible so it is usually in the best interest for both you and the server you are moving that the process take as little time as possible. To reduce down time a plan must be drawn up to highlight any aspects that may delay the server migration, and so that actions can be carried out beforehand.  The plan will also include how to keep the data secure during the move. Your data may have to be reformatted to make it accessible to the new server and the data must be backed up in case something goes wrong with the server migration, and plans must be made to keep the data secure during the transition process.

To ensure that your IT migration runs as smoothly as possible it is recommended that you hire someone who has experience with the field, especially if you are contemplating a larger more complicated move with various aspects. Data centres and computers are very delicate and must be kept at the correct temperature and special vehicles must be deployed if you intend to relocate your server to a new location. The process may also require some cable management to make sure that your PC’s are set up and ready to go in order to reduce the amount of down time.

If you are looking for an IT relocation expert to migrate your server and data centre, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team Sunspeed. With over 26 years of experience they can ensure your move is handled quickly and safely; keeping your data safe and secure at all times.

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