The SEO Professional You Should Keep at Arm’s Length

The SEO expert whom you engage to optimize your site should first and last be transparent. You must be given a guarantee that they should not indulge in black hat SEO techniques to secure a rank for a site, and you should have the freedom to monitor their activities to see that they keep their word. It is better not to engage those cannot agree to it. If you want to hire an SEO expert for search engine optimizing your website, you can base your choice on many things. You can check their track record, compare their charges, check the quality of their own site, and consider their package offers. Likewise, there are many criteria on which you can base your decision not to hire an SEO professional. One surefire way of deciding whether to hire or not hire a certain SEO expert, is checking with a former client as to whether they are reliable. If a client who had used their services once says that they had delivered the goods, you can consider using their services. By that same token, if a former client disapproves of an SEO professional, that is sufficient reason not to consider taking his services.

Just because a service provider had once delivered the goods that is no surefire guarantee that his services are flawless. Even if a former client recommends someone, there are many things that you should enquire about the SEO expert before you engage them to do your work. First of these is whether they are transparent. Transparency is absolutely important in the profession of search engine optimization because one of the main difficulties of SEO is the widespread use of black hat tactics for managing search engine rankings. If an SEO professional is not transparent enough to let the employer see that he is not using any black hat methods, it is better not to use his services.

The better-known black hat methods are keyword stuffing and cloaking. Keyword stuffing is the repeated use of a keyword in substandard web contents with the intention of cheating search engines. Cloaking is the method whereby the webmaster submits a simple search engine-friendly page for search engine crawlers to see but presents a more elaborate one for site visitors. These are unauthentic methods completely disapproved by search engines, and it is safe to have no truck with an SEO expert who relies on these to bolster websites. Search engine algorithms and their creators are not completely stupid as a black hat SEO expert seem to presume. Search engines have anti-spamming remedies where a search engine bot is made to sign in as a human net surfer. The website will then present the more elaborate page that is reserved for human visitors. These anti-spamming procedures will take time to work, but the game will eventually be found out. The site will then be banned or fined, but your SEO professional would have left by then and probably changed his telephone number also.

Getting inbound links from other sites is another arena where there is ample scope for cheating. An unreliable SEO expert will resort to link farming where one or more websites are created exclusively for sending out links to the site whose search engine ranking needs to be boosted. These websites will typically be low quality websites and in some cases could have been even generated by programs without any human intervention.  Google’s algorithms have been modified to spot the links originating from spurious websites. But the problem is that it may take some time for the search engine to detect the fraud. This delay will give time for a cheating an SEO professional to produce instant links and raise the search engine ranking of the site temporarily. The only way in which you can forestall such possibilities is by doing enough background check and not employing such an SEO expert.


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