Sheer Pleasure of the Android Box

There is a new buzz in the market with the invention that is bound to take the world by storm. Imagine watching the best possible shows legally that does not have a bearing on the purse or the checking account! Amazing or what? With the option of paying a limited amount per month you get to watch practically anything under the sun with the G-Box MX2 android jelly bean dual core HTPC television box player. If you are rather concerned about the firmware aspect – not to fear coz the software updates pretty much take care of everything leaving you not wanting for less but definitely wanting more. It does not end here coz it offers music that is current and the old time favorites as well to suit the pocket. Forget about illegal downloads or what have you because this is pretty much the best deal on offer and it is the best way to enjoy life as it should be. Any android lover will enjoy this device as it is a wonderful way to have your cake and eat it too. The reason why it is cool is because you get to watch movies, listen to movies, television shows, sports, news, and anything that is in worth it!


The device is not only cool but looks snazzy with the CPU and the system engineering being top notch and durable. The mechanical aspects makes it not only convenient but suitable for any application that may require a mini computer running scenario that harps on Android. The procedure is plain and simply easy and can be operated by the less tech savvy people on the planet. In short after plugging in the apparatus there are absolutely no more buttons to press aside from the remote to turn it on and off. Since the android box for your TV is open to external media one can add the flash drive, hard drive or SD card and watch theater unfold like never before. While buying the box it is important to get one that does not have a dubious dealer providing you with cheap options but ends up freezing the content. This is not the objective while watching something, is it? But do not expect it to work as a television per se, as it basically boots into the Android desktop or smart television and thereby makes it easy for one to choose the app and watch the story unfold.