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Romantic relationships can be tough whether they are new or old. In the long run, relationships can be a blessing. At the same time, there are some relationships we find ourselves in that are unhealthy. Here are just a few signs that it may be time to move on from your romantic relationship.
Sign #1 – He/She NEVER calls you by your name. Pet names can be sweet and endearing but there may just be a problem if your romantic partner ONLY calls you babe, baby, sweetie, or some other nick name. We all like to be called be these titles because they sound good but if you are in a newer relationships and the person never uses your name it could be a possible sign that they are trying not to mix your name up with someone else’s.

Sign #2 – He/She ONLY calls you when something is needed. This can go for all types of relationships. When it comes to a romantic relationship there should be a fair amount of give and take. If you are ALWAYS on the giving end then this may not be the relationship for you. Giving is not always about money. It could be about time or other resources. However, money is often a factor.

Sign #3 – You have the urge to search through his/her things. If you find yourself becoming suspicious of the person you are with, you will need to sit down and gather your thoughts as to why. My mother always told me to NEVER go through a man’s things behind his back. She always told me if I ever feel the need to start checking up on him then it is time to move on. In this situation, there is a hang up with either you or the other person. Either way, the relationship is not healthy if you are searching your significant other’s phone, emails, and social media accounts.

Sign #4 – He/She is consistently condescending or puts you down. If you are with someone who is not supportive of your goals, have a conversation with them to try and find the root of the issue. If this is the type of person they are from the beginning then do yourself a favor and move on. Unfortunately, there are many people with low self-esteem that don’t feel good about themselves unless they make you feel inferior.

Sign #5 – This is VERY SERIOUS – He/She has violent tendencies. Whether male, or female, if the person shows signs of being violent you may need to quickly pack your bag and move on. If your significant other has either broken things, struck you when upset, grabbed you roughly, or is violent sexually, this could have grave consequences for your life. Violence is not something that should be taken lightly. If your significant other has a tendency to get highly upset, yell in your face, or make you feel threatened in any way, you need to move one. Even if you are unsure if the behavior is a violent tendency, it is better to be paranoid and move on, than to end up in the hospital or to lose your life.

The bottom line is: Don’t be in a such a rush to find the perfect person that you ignore early signs that the relationship is not healthy. No one is perfect and everyone has faults. Decide what you will or will not tolerate from the beginning. If the differences are something that can be managed then talk them out and make it work. However, if you are in a situation that endangers your mental or physical well being, remove yourself from the situation and patiently wait for the right person to come into your life.

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