Are You Looking For The Best Smelling Men’s Cologne?

Trying to find the best smelling men’s cologne can be a little overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of fragrances to sniff and try on, and after a while you will probably discover that your nose can’t smell a thing. Instead of spending hours sniffing cologne samples, or buying the wrong one we have put together a review of the best rated men’s cologne’s for scent. Whether you are searching for your signature scent, or a men’s fragrance for a special occasion you are sure to find what you are looking for without temporarily losing your sense of smell.

Best Smelling Men’s Cologne Reviews

Versace Signature Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

The subtle hints of jasmine and azalea help to keep this men’s fragrance light and casual, while the warmer notes of Kashmir and Moroccan cedar wood highlight the cologne’s masculine appeal. Even though it contains a light floral scent, there is no mistaking that it is designed for men. It is light enough for both day and evening wear, and the cologne can easily be worn in any season. The long lasting fragrance is never overpowering, but is still able to last through any occasion.

Guilty by Gucci

While this men’s cologne is recommended for casual wear, it’s sophisticated fragrance can easily be worn in most office settings. The warmer bass notes of patchouli, leather, and cedar wood are ideal for cooler weather, while the lighter springtime scents of violets and cypress are refreshing and lighter enough for everyday wear. The cologne is rounded out with jasmine, black pepper, and amber, which will help boost your confidence both in the boardroom and when you are out on a date.

Nautica Classic for Men

The lighter hints of warm water breezes and summer flowers make this a favorite cologne for casual days at the baseball park or outdoor lunches, while the woodsy tones keep the cologne decidedly masculine. It is professional enough for daytime office wear, and still strong enough to make a favorable impression at night. Many men have found that this cologne’s cool fragrance brings a refreshing scent to smoky bars and other enclosed spaces.

Mont Blanc Legend for Men

Ideal for boardroom meetings and nights out on the town, the sophisticated fragrance will give you the confidence you need no matter the occasion. With warm floral notes that include lavender, verbena, and the spicier scent of geraniums the cologne can easily be worn in any season. The more masculine scents of oak moss, sandalwood, and tonka give this cologne a sophisticated fragrance that will get you noticed in a positive way. The clean scent of this cologne ensures that it is never overpowering, while also giving you a seductive hint of mystery.

Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne

One of the best rated men’s cologne’s for fragrance and style, it’s unexpected scent makes you want to celebrate life. The greener hints of lavender and juniper berries subtly give way to the spicier scents of black pepper, ginseng, and mahogany. The light floral notes make it ideal for day time and casual wear, while the stronger scents remind everyone that you are an intriguing man. It is a bolder men’s cologne that it meant to give you confidence no matter what your day brings, and it also gives you a subtle hint of mystery that is ideal for a night out.

Eternity for Men

You can never go wrong choosing to wear the classic fragrance of this men’s cologne. Considered one of the best smelling men’s colognes, it is refreshing, masculine, and is never overpowering. The crisp, clean scent of the cologne is ideal for casual outings and daytime wear, while the stronger spicy aroma of sage and rosewood give you a hint of romance that your date will love. Strong and masculine, yet still sensitive it makes an ideal addition to any man’s cologne collection.

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