Smithfield Foods – Growing Responsibly


Every company, however big it has grown, can only claim glory only if the growth has been accompanied by responsible action. Being sustainable in all the spheres of its operation is one way of showing their responsibility to all the entities that contribute to the growth of the company.

While growing from a small meat packaging operation to a global meat producing and marketing giant today, Smithfield Foods has been following the principle of sustainability in every part of their operation. This is what makes the company different from many others. This is the way they have grown from the beginning and continue to do so.

Animal Care

Animals are the basic raw material – if you can call them that – for a meat producing company like Smithfield Foods. Hence taking care of them is like taking the first step towards a better final product. This is what Smithfield Foods has been doing from the start. They are not satisfied with being just the market leader in meat selling, they want to lead in the way they take care of their animals.

The first step was to house the pregnant hogs in groups. They have completely done this task at their own farms and are now aiming at getting this done at all the contract farms. Smithfield Foods has also been very responsible in the use of antibiotics on their animals. They have taken into consideration the serious issue of antibiotic resistance development in humans who consume such food.

The Environment

Keeping the environment safe is the responsibility of every person on earth. With the environment facing so much danger from many factors, Smithfield Foods has taken enough steps to ensure they don’t contribute to the deterioration of the environment.

From the feed that is given to them to the disposal of their manure, they have taken care to reduce the impact on water, energy, greenhouse gases and solid waste.

The manure produced by the animals in the farms are converted to fertilizers that can be used in the animal feed farms. This is done by treating the manure to natural breakdown by bacteria in the lagoons and then they are converted to fertilizer that is used in the feed crops.

Food Safety

Being a company that supplies food products across the globe, Smithfield Foods has realized the importance being responsible when it comes to the safety of the food they supply and want to show the way for others. The company says their philosophy is simple. What they can’t serve to their family cannot be given to anyone.

Right from bringing up the animals in a healthy manner, the process to ensure food safety begins. This is followed in the food processing step too. They have stringent measures in place to ensure that the food that reaches the customers maintain the highest standards of quality.


Giving back to the society is of prime importance to Smithfield Foods. They feel responsible for the community that their employees live in. This prompted the company to start programs like hunger alleviation, educational opportunities and taking care of the veterans.

Smithfield Foods shows how a large company should grow big while also taking steps to behave responsibly in all spheres of life.

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