Solar Power Systems Australia – An overview of rebate system

Although, the power systems Australia scenario is pretty good, yet the government intends to adopt another avenue of supplying energy to the commercial establishments that will make optimum usage of the renewable resources of the country.

Solar rebates are fast gaining popularity the world over and some of the major economies have embraced the concept of the same. Many small and medium scaled business identities have been able to shed their carbon footprints.

SRES or Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme

In an effort to encourage business identities for using the renewable sources of energy, the Australian government introduced the concept of what it known as SRES or Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme. This is a measure taken by the government wherein, the small scale businesses are urged to invest in and set up solar water heaters, hydro and wind systems, solar heaters, and air source heat pumps. This is an effort of the government whereby it has promised to deliver 20% of the energy supply from its renewable sources of energy by the year 2020. By doing so, it is hopeful that after effects of climate change can be tamed considerably. Not only that, greenhouse gas emission can also be reduced to a great extent.

Aside from this effort, it has also introduced several other measures that promise to deliver better energy supply to the various commercial establishments. The government introduced what is known as Solar Homes and Communities Plan in 2009. This is a plan in which the government shells out A$8000 as rebate under the Solar Credits Program. The Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator issues STCs or Small Scale Technology Certificates, which were formerly known as REC or Renewable Energy Certificates. These certificates can be exchanged for financial benefit by the owner of the certificate.

Are remote power systems Australia eligible for the rebate?

  • Off-grid as well as remote power systems are also eligible for solar power rebates being offered by the Australian government.
  • However, there is one condition that needs to be fulfilled and that is these systems have to be installed by vendors that have been approved by the government.
  • If motorhomes, sheds, caravans, boats are primary places of residence or permanent residences, they too are eligible for the rebates.
  • Experts are also of the opinion that regardless of whether you are an individual looking out for rebate or a business establishment, one of the best ways to enhance your ROI or return on investment is by assigning your credits to STC agent that has its name registered with the government body.

Since the businesses opting for renewable sources of energy for their power requirements get STC values that are higher are capable of offering discounts for the initial installation. This allows consumers to save substantially. This is just one of the many ways in which the Australian government offers to its residents, energy rewards for making the much needed lifestyle change that also makes it possible for the country to gear ahead in nearing the renewable energy target of the country.

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