Success comes with hard work. This is a very famous quote that explains the relationship between success and hard work. The same trend is followed in every organization. To achieve your goals and to be successful you need to work day and night. If you are starting a business you need to be patient for the outcomes. As times passes you will see are a clear picture of where you are standing. The same situation goes for a well known online music platform called Soundcloud. Sound started its operations in 2007. This company is based in Germany but now it is operating on international levels. There are also other companies, that are marketing soundcloud music and doing various Soundcloud promotion for music artists.

Soundcloud has faced many challenges but still the team worked hard and finally achieved what they planned for. Planning is very important at every stage. First make sure you are planning for the right thing, and then check whether you are implementing what you have planned for. The audio startup system of Soundcloud proved to be very reliable and user friendly. Alexander the CEO of sound loud said that I want to make the online world closer to sound through sentiments and emotions. In LeWed London, he said that Soundcloud wants to create a close emotional link between users and music. Recently in an event conducted by LedWed in Paris, Alexander surprised the audience with some big news. He said that the now Soundcloud will be uploaded at a speed of ten hours of fresh audio per minute with an approximate reach of around 8 percent of the total internet population.

The missions of Soundcloud were to become the YouTube of audio. They want to provide unlimited music to their users and inspire them in every possible way. There are three new features designed and introduce that will benefit the users in multiple ways.

Explore: now users can browse and view all types of audio tracks that are present within different category lists. These way users will save their time and can discover an interesting piece of music.
Search: this feature was rebuilt in order to support the users to have ease and convenience while searching for the desired content.
Related sounds: now all the audio tracks will show items that relate to them. This way the user can discover and listen to various other fresh pieces.

Alexander said that Soundcloud is now working on latest applications that can provide more and more exciting features to the users. Soon the company will launch some new versions of applications that will benefit mobile users. According to Alexander, the company and management team is focused on providing the best derive that their users deserve. They want to make the experience of their users memorable forever.  Soundcloud has contracts with different companies who are providing funds and capital. Currently it is funded by index ventures, union square ventures, kleiner Perkins, doughty hanson and GGV capital. Apart from the current investors, Soundcloud is interested to have more partners who can provide funds that will be used for expanding the operations of Soundcloud.

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