Spring cleaning your computer

After a long winter, spring is here, so it is time to indulge in spring cleaning. Many people get set for spring cleaning their home, however they forget to clean their computer. If your PC has not not been responding well to the commands and is very slow it is time you give it a good clean up.

Cleaning your computer is a tumultuous task. You just need the necessary software for the job and get your work done easily.

1. File managing

the first step in your computer’s spring cleaning task is you should discard all the unimportant files and expired files. Remove all those movies, videos and audio files that you are no longer playing on your system. Delete all the old word documents that are no longer of use to you, old travel photos etc. It is nice to store them in your PC, but they consume a lot of disk space and leave no room for uploading new files. If you do not discard the unnecessary files every now and then, you will someday run out of disk space and then you will start worrying and discard all the files and uninstall programs. When you manage your files from time to time, you do not face the situation. However, if all the files are important and you cannot part from any of them, then buy an hard disk and transfer all the huge files to it. The external hard drive is good for storage and is a good back option in case you lose your files on the computer. If you save many photographs on your computer, use free Google drive or Picasa web albums where storing and sharing photos is easy. Thus, you can save a lot of disc space. Another way to free up the disc space is by removing the duplicate files. Duplicate files are the copies of existing files that are saved in different folders. They occupy a lot of disk space, therefore should be removed. Even worse, are the duplicate videos as they occupy a larger amount of disk space. To remove them use a duplicate finder software, which compares and removes all the duplicate videos.

2. Temporary files cleaning

after your files are all organized, you should discard all the junk files in your computer which include, temporary internet files, system files, internet history etc which your computer’s OS keeps. Removing temporary files will not free up the disk space, it makes sure your PC runs faster and be protected. If you are using Windows OS, it has a in-built disk clean up tool that removes all the junk files. To start using it, start button has to be clicked and select all programs. Then go to the accessories and access the system tools, where you will find the disk clean up tool. Choose the drive you desire to clean and allow the clean up tool to do the job.

3. Clean the dust

you must also clean the dust on your computer. A lot of duct can accumulate in your computer. It can accumulate even in the interiors and many problems will arise because of it, one common problem is overheating of the computer. To clean the dust, you need to open the case of your PC and with canned air blow away all the dust
Cleaning your PC makes a lot of difference to your PC. It will turn your computer to a fast and reliable system. If you follow all these tips, mentioned above, your PC will work as a new one.

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