What is Star Trek Online?

1367551894_star-trek-onlineStar Trek Online is the first and online MMO released in the world of Star Trek, and it allows you to enter a world filled with sci-fi madness, an experience that you can enrich if you buy STO credits cheap fast. In this title you can find numerous storylines from the original series, as well as characters, ships and other stuff as well. Since this is an RPG, you have the opportunity to grow your character and evolve as you explore the massive game world filled with hundreds of planets that you can peruse as you see fit. You can play as a multitude of races if you want, and the game experiences changes a lot, but you can be a Romulan, Klingon or you can play with the federation, it all depends on you and how you want to play the title.Since this is an MMO you can easily connect with others and join forces as you try to defeat massive enemies into a very interesting, expansive game world!

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Star Trek Online is an astounding game, but pretty much like all online games, you will need to play for a very long time or just pay real money to get the STO credits you need in order to evolve. The STO credits are quite useful in the game world, because they rule the overall game economy and provide you with a wide range of unique possibilities as you play. You can get new skills, acquire weapons and a multitude of other things with them, so if you buy STO credits fast you will have the opportunity to enrich your game experience quite a lot.

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