Streamlining Smithfield Foods Safety Protocols

Smithfield Foods is known as the worlds largest for consumer packaged protein organization, in addition as USA’s biggest pork processor and also hog farmer. As soon as the organization started doing work with Sample6 a software company, one among its three divisions involved with 12 plants which are manufacturing ready to eat goods. They had a demand for environmental listeria tracking. By administering around 1,600 tests once a week which were monitored by a pair of corporate food safety administrators. The administration of this process had turned into a very complicated, labour rigorous and also time-consuming process.

The business ended up being in need of a remedy to assist track examining samples, outcomes, remediation along with a need for more helpful tactics that can be done competently and effortlessly. By applying Sample6’s CONTROL program, Smithfield was now had the tools to improve most of these food safety aspects and create the advantages of increased precision and interaction between staff.

Smithfield foods have been examining for ecological listeria inside plants for many years. This became a really well established, high-profile as well as crucial eco checking system for the plants and food safety administration. By using this sort of a formidable aim on making certain the best goods for customers, Smithfield’s method execution included dealing with data files amongst several sections throughout TWELVE establishments, via the plant QA specialists plus business safety administrators to the company’s Vice President of Food Safety.

The examining research laboratory for all TWELVE places had been observing a few thousand sample submittals monthly and making use of manually operated spreadsheets to trace the results. To support the workforce streamline the submittal and also report generation procedure, mechanize their very own robust environmental assessment method and restructure any leftover inefficiencies, Smithfield wanted a vibrant technology method. Having a lesser amount of reliability on hands-on treatment of the information, they can keep tabs on, publish, converse, write a summary of and document on food safety factors with little time, exertion, expenditure and also room for miscalculation.

Eventually, the staff was searching for a system to carry their system to the next stage.

The business discovered numerous strengths to the CONTROL food safety software program that might aid the business encounter all these difficulties head on, which includes:

Automated communication of positive examination benefits, along with the capability to check out information historical past

Facilitation of restorative activity checking whenever there is an ecological positive that requires to be remediated

Smooth incorporation of sample submittal and also reporting of final results among the company research laboratory and the plants

Automatic marking attribute to boost the reliability and effectiveness of sample labeling.


Since the software program was rolled out, Sample6 supplied useful assistance. The Sample6 crew collaborated together with the corporation personnel and the plants to examine numerous situations and make sure the application can be used. In order to save the plants from investing excessive time seeking to know everything all immediately, a string of brief, remote conferences was carried out. As soon as every plant had knowledge of the program, that group got on-site coaching and rollout for a simple adaptation.


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