Sunspeed Data Centre Moves

Executing a data centre move can be one of the most challenging tasks an IT professional might encounter in their career. The process can be long, complex, and highly involved with a long list of technical details and important considerations. From the very first steps of the process, it is clearly something of a daunting task: simply disconnecting a data centre to prepare it for transit requires a huge amount of care and dedicated work. It is definitely the sort of task that requires professional assistance – but which professionals? Your systems administrator might be able to unhook the system, but they are probably not well versed in how to properly pack it up to ensure that it is safely transported and able to be reassembled once it reaches its destination. A standard moving company could probably transport the equipment easily enough, but it is more than likely not set up to properly transport everything damage-free or unload it in the optimal method to hook it back up.

Thankfully there are teams of experienced and trustworthy professionals at Sunspeed Transport Services, ready and willing to put their expert capabilities to the test by tackling data centre moves of all sizes and descriptions.


Personalised Service

Each data centre has its own unique needs and configuration. Equally, each data centre move has its own special challenges and hurdles. In order to tackle every facet of a data centre move, Sunspeed Transport Services consults with its clients from the very first phases of the process to plan out the move with the needs of the client in mind. After sussing out all the details, Sunspeed’s experts set to the job of safely powering down and disconnecting the existing data centre set up. If a company wishes to attempt to minimise their website or services’ downtime during the move, Sunspeed can use techniques to disassemble the data centre gradually in a manner that does not force it into downtime, or even implement solutions to temporarily switch where the services are hosted to make sure no downtime occurs.


During the process of disconnecting and disassembling the data centre, Sunspeed’s team takes careful notes as to how everything was properly set up and records detailed information about each piece. This allows the data centre to be packed in a manner that is conducive to the speedy and efficient re-assembly once it has reached its new home. Once everything is packed up, it makes its way to its new location safely transported by Sunspeed’s professional moving team, which takes every available measure to secure the equipment from damaging during handling or exposure to the elements. Finally, upon arrival, Sunspeed’s work is not done. They now set to the task of installing the data centre at its new location, connecting together the long labyrinths of wires and rack-mounts until once again, the data centre is fully functional.


Working For You, Anytime

Sunspeed treats each client as an important business partnership. They are available for contact 24 hours a day during server moves and provide an excellent team of customer service specialists and expert data centre professionals to answer any questions and coordinate the optimal solutions for your project.

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