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The many terms that are applied to computers and just IT in general can get quite confusing for those of us who are not aware of what a complicated computer system is actually made up of.

Most people can identify the difference between the computer monitor and the computer itself, but how well do you know the workings of the computer server that does all its work behind the scenes. For your average office building, there may well be an entire room dedicated to housing the computer servers which can serve your computer in any number of tasks. Alternatively, the term ‘sever’ can refer to a computer which runs other server programs for nearby computers, however, this usually only occurs in small offices or in homes with multiple computers.

Whichever form your sever takes it often holds a lot of sensitive information within it or, at least, has a lot of delicate parts that create trouble whenever your sever needs to be relocated. Therefore, if there ever comes a situation in which a server has to be moved, it can create a lot of trouble. Especially as a speedy server relocation is often needed in order to reduce the amount of ‘downtime’ a company must experience.

From complicated Server relocations which can include entire Data Centres, Computer Rooms, LaboratoriesandDisaster Recovery Sites tomoving individual PC’s within the same office, Sunspeed has been trusted by companies such as Logica, Oracle/Sun Microsystems, HSBC, The MoD, Citigroup, Fujitsu, Chevron and Barclays to handle their exacting requirements.

Here at Sunspeed we also offer to both de-rack and re-rack servers as well as provide engineering assistance if required, meaning that you can rest at ease knowing that all elements of your sever relocation will be carried out by trained experts.

To reduce the amount of ‘downtime’ we always carry out a site survey before the move in order to highlight any potential problems that may occur during the relocation, making sure that we have all the necessary moving equipment for your location. No one move is the same and so we make sure to tailor the process to your exact needs and provide services that will best assist the situation.

If you want to ask more questions on what a sever relocation actually consists of then we will are more than happy to help, we have over 25 years of experience in the industry and look forward to using this experience to assist you! Our Server Relocation Services and Data Centre Migration services are global, meaning that they cover the UK, Europe and Internationaldestinations so be sure to state where your company is located in your inquiry.

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