Swiftly: The Latest Car App That Every Car Enthusiast Should Try Out

In case you live and breathe cars, you may be interested in the new app called Swiftly.

Read this article to understand what Swiftly really is, and what it has on offer for you.
What is Swiftly?

Swiftly is a pre-release app version of the social platform bearing the same name for car enthusiasts. The goal of the app is to let car enthusiasts from around the world gather in a single place to share their knowledge and passion for cars with each other in order to create a lively community.

What features does it offer?

Swiftly offers a huge number of features to keep car enthusiasts like you engaged and interested at all times. Some features are simple, while others are quite unique.

With the help of the app, you can mainly do the following three things:

Connect with other drivers

The app allows you to connect with drivers from all around the world and share information about cars with them. You can get advice about buying a new car, share photos of your existing car and your previous cars, discuss aspects about your car with drivers who drive the same car as you do, talk about car components with fellow car enthusiasts, find interesting news from reputed car publications, and do lots of other fun stuff.

Make use of a marketplace

Swiftly also allows you to use a marketplace, which you can use as much as you like. In the marketplace, you can share your recent purchases with others, or sell car components to others. In addition to that, you can get special offers, drive tests, and even vouchers via the marketplace!


Become famous as a forum member

The app, apart from its marketplace, gives you the opportunity to become a part of a forum, as well. In the forum, you can discuss car problems and questions with fellow car enthusiasts, and find answers to any doubts you may have. What’s more is that the forum even rewards you for your activity. For instance, if you answer a large number of questions about Honda cars, you are awarded the title ‘Honda Expert’. After earning a title, you can even let the world know about your achievement!

Should you use the app?

Swiftly is a truly engaging and fun app for a number of different reasons. If you are a hardcore car enthusiast, you are definitely going to like the interface and substance of the app. Right now, only 28 days are left for you to opt in for the beta version invite. So, stop waiting and go ahead to join the fun!

Check this website: http://www.swiftly.eu/