Tago: The Automatic Detective… Technological invention that will conquer the world

Tago Item Tracker for Phone, Keys and More Coming to the Market Soon

An innovative item tracker to easily locate lost items will soon be available on the market.

Tago works with your smartphone to keep track of the items’ whereabouts, reporting the location, date and time along with a map to show where the item was last seen. Using a special patented technology, Tago will help find your keys, wallet, phone or any item you happen to lose.


Also known as the “Automatic Detective “, the Tago item tracker was created in Australia by Alan William and a team of engineers who spent five years perfecting the design and effectiveness of the product. Mr. William and his business partners have completed the development and testing phase and the company is ready to introduce Tago to the consumer market.

The entrepreneurs have collaborated with hardware manufacturers to produce the innovative device, and recently launched a fundraising campaign on the crowd funding site Indiegogo to fund the production.

The device is equipped with GPS technology and has a radar distance indicator that emits an audible signal to guide you to lost items and tell when you’re getting closer. Tago also works in reverse if your phone gets lost by dialing the number to help you find it.


The tracker is ideal for a wide range of items including keys, remote control, glasses, textbook and planner, umbrella, wallet, camera, laptop, tablet, bike, or luggage. You can also attach the tracker to a pet or to a child’s clothing to lessen the chance of getting lost or separated.

As a homing device, Tago will save any location and show you how to find it, for example, where you parked your car. Additional features include music controls, snooze alarm, launch a mobile app, sound an alarm, book a taxi, turn on the lights, send a text message, place a call or record video. This abundance of important features in this smart locator will ensure that the dread and disappointment of losing valuable items become a thing of the past.


To view full campaign – Click Here: http://igg.me/at/tago/x