Talon Board to Revolutionize Lightweight Travelling

It seems like in today’s society, travelling is getting harder and harder as each day passes. Due to high gas costs in many countries from all around the world, but also because of environment issues, it just seems like travelling short distances with the help of a car is no longer a suitable option for many people.

However, things are about to change as a new campaign on Kickstarter aims at making travelling much easier with the help of something known by the name of the Talon Board. While many may not figure out what this is at first glance, the Talon Board is basically a longboard with an electrically powered motor that people can use to travel short distances at a pretty nice speed. The Talon Board has a 2250 watt electric motor which is combined with a high quality board and intelligent electronics. Bringing all of these aspects together results in a portable vehicle that is capable of travelling at speeds of up to 22 miles per hour on flatland or hills without any struggles whatsoever. What’s even better is the fact the average urban vehicle trip length is only 8 miles and the Talon Board is capable of traveling up to 9 miles on a single charge. That’s right, the average commuter can make all of his/her trips on an environmentally friendly electric longboard- the Talon Board.

When it comes down to portability, it is safe to assume that this electric skateboard deserves a round of applause as it only weighs a mere 12 pounds and is simply as small as a skateboard, which is basically the smallest size a vehicle can be. It can be taken to class, to an office, to a shop, or just about anywhere else that a user may need to travel to. Another feature that must be mentioned is the fact that the Talon Board can also be ridden at night, thanks to its powerful and energy efficient dual ultra-bright LED headlights. This significantly improves the safety of night time riding and the Talon Board is the only electric skateboard on the market that incorporates headlights.

Some people may be asking themselves questions about how it feels to ride it and how to control it. Well, the Talon Board is as responsive as a normal skateboard, but also intuitively controllable. Thanks to the help of modified wireless Wii Nunchuck controllers, this board can easily be steered and have its settings adjusted without any trouble, making it great for longboard novices. Accelerating, braking, and cruise control are just some of the features built in to the controller.

While it may have a powerful motor, it turns out that it is extremely energy efficient. It is calculated that the board can travel a stunning 3000 miles for less than $5 in electricity costs, which is incredibly cheap when compared to the cost that a car would bring if driven for such a high number of miles.

All, in all the Talon Board is suitable for solving many of the problems that today’s transportation has. It is time efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly, thus making a great electrical skateboard that anyone can have the privilege of enjoying at a fair price.

While this may seem like it is coming out of a sci-fi movie, the Talon Board is actually real and there is only one thing standing between it and the hands of anyone who would like to own one: the fact that money needs to be raised in order to allow it to be created in bigger numbers and distributed to the world. The makers of the Talon Board are looking to raise $42,000 in order to bring the board to market. Anyone who is interested in backing up this project and getting their hands on this vehicle do so right here.

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