The Technology Behind Steam Mops

You wouldn’t think it, but steam mops for hardwood floors are an impressive technological advancement. Imagine the scene: the mixed aromas of cooking meats and seasons dominate the kitchen as the whiff of chopped vegetables circulate and float through the nostrils. The brain creates vivid images of completed dishes, as if psychic before the food is prepared. You easily maneuver between pots and pans as water boils and steam pushes into the air.

The refrigerator door swings open and you pull out a jar of red peppers, but something goes wrong – as if time freezes the jar slips out of your fingers, and crashes onto the kitchen’s floor. A million shard of glass, the contents splatter everywhere, and a mess is at hand. “What to do?” you quickly grab the mop and bucket, filling it with hot water and a cleaning agent.

Dump the mop into the bucket, squeeze with your hands, mop, and repeat the process until the mess is cleaned up. Though, did you know that ordinary mops return the thought bacteria back to its place? Have no despair as there is a solution, so that archaic mop can be tossed into the abyssal garbage can where it belongs – steam mops. The steam mop is a unique evolutionary advancement. There is neither need for a pail of water, or a squeegee to extract water and debris, as steam mops use a convenient and technological breakthrough method.

The steam mop uses heat from the steam to both lift dirt and disinfect the soiled area. Through a microfiber pad that’s located underneath the steam jet to attract dirt, preventing any from being left behind. Have you ever noticed that when using a traditional mop, that dirt is either pushed aside of residue is left behind, that forces you to mop and mop until it vanishes? That’s because traditional mops only absorb while returning the bacteria from the dirt back onto the floor. However, unlike the traditional mop, steam mops, powered by the small water tank provides dry steam hot enough to moisten the microfiber pad that removes the mess.

Truly, steam mops are a technological wonder of our times.

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