The 6 Biggest Fashion & Beauty Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

We see it every day, fashion and beauty mistakes that make us wince and shake our heads in disgust. These range from using too much makeup to baring too much skin. These are all mistakes that can easily be avoided. There are some well-known fashion and beauty gaffes and we’ve mentioned a couple already, but there are also mistakes that are not so well-known either.

While it is easy to watch out for the common mistakes, you need to be aware of the not so common ones in order to avoid them. To help you out, we are going to list 6 biggest fashion and beauty mistakes you can easily avoid and they will have a few of the common mistakes (for those who are not aware of them) as well as the mistake that are not so popular.

Showing Too Much Skin

This should really be one of the more popular fashion mistakes out there, but given the sheer amount of people we see on the streets who consistently commit this mistake, we are forced to conclude that is might not be as common as we thought. Baring too much skin is not classy at all as many high class models in London dress well without revealing too much. So how do you avoid this mistake? Choose only one part of your body to show. If you are wearing a low dip dress or top that shows your cleavage, cover everything else. If your hemline is really short, then keep your torso covered.

Sleeping in Your Make Up

This is a complete no-no and most of us know that, yet we do it anyway. Falling asleep in your make up is not good for you or for your skin. Not only does it cause your skin to breakout, it also ages you before your time. If you want your skin to remain youthful looking, keep it clean. It’s as simple as that. To avoid sleeping with your makeup on, create a routine and form a habit of washing your face before you sleep. Also, have facial cleansing wipes handy for those times you are too tired to wash.

Peek-a-boo Panties

If you sit down and those behind you can get a peek at your panties, then you are obviously doing something wrong. This is usually common with those who wear low-rise jeans. To avoid this, make sure the jeans are your right size and look for low rise panties to complement the outfit.

Visible Panty Lines (VPL)

This is a fashion and beauty mistake that people stopped making in the 90’s. Or that’s what we thought until we discovered we were wrong. Surprisingly there are Latin escorts with large booties who still go out with their panty lines showing beneath their clothes. This mistake can easily be avoided in a number of ways. You could wear a thong for instance, and if you’d rather not, search for panties with soft lines that don’t show. This goes for men also; we really don’t want to see your boxers.

Too Much Makeup

Slathering on makeup especially in the daytime is something you should avoid at all cost particularly if you combine different contrasting colours. Purple and green eye shadow and red lipstick with a vibrant pink blusher will only make you look like a clown. Tone down

Top to Bottom Animal Print

Dressing up in animal prints from top to bottom makes you look like road kill. Really, it is just too much and ought to be outlawed. Animal print fabric is nice for making a fashion statement. But try to limit yourself to just one piece in your outfit.