The Wholesale Business of Classical Music Memorabilia

Classical music is known to have the power to carry you away to another world. As classical music is capable and moving, great and sweeping, or close and personal, the established classical music memorabilia allows the listener to touch that other world. Music memorabilia refers to the items such as signed album covers, photos, tour jackets, drumsticks and the like. The wholesale business of classical music memorabilia is at a booming stage and if you are thinking of entering into this business, then you are surely heading towards bolstering your good fate.


Think about it how much money you can earn if you have the stock of limited edition of signed music albums of the famous classical musician. People will pay any amount to purchase them. But when it comes to wholesaling, the scenario is different. You are not selling these collectibles, rather distributing them in your re-seller’s supply network for further sale in the market. So, the challenge here is not to stock what the audience loves, rather to identify those collectibles for which you can find re-sellers.

Obviously, the re-seller’s demand will also be based on the audience taste and preference. To play big in this wholesale business, you need to perform some backward integration. Backward integration refers to the supply network concept of laddering a step down and be the manufacturer yourself. When it comes to music memorabilia, you are not manufacturing something; rather you are collecting the rare items, associated with music, which your re-seller will be interested in stock in. So, eliminating the manufacturer point in the supply chain and building strong business contacts with music artist will be a great add on to the output of your wholesale business.

As far as distinguishing yourself from other wholesalers in this memorabilia business are concerned, you need to take care of certain parameters.

Firstly, you need to have exclusive distribution rights from the music artist, so that your product becomes unique in the market.

Secondly, your source must be authentic as fraud memorabilia will destroy your image in the market.

Thirdly, you need to leverage upon technology by enrolling yourself in any wholesale music memorabilia collectibles directory.

Here, the choice of directory is of prime importance. Choose a directory which has a good readership and a high rating. Only a good directory can drive traffic to your wholesale business. Being associated with a good directory will also attract music artists as well as re-sellers towards your memorabilia distribution network.