Time Management Software

Time analysis is a new trend in time management that improves business performance by using time analysis software to analyze employee task time.

The analysis includes information about the duration of the employee’s tasks, its complexity, its frequency, the task rules, and other factors that are important for this procedure.
It is used for several purposes: employee recruiting, employee training, employee promotion and employee productivity improvement.

Time analysis has five stages: time recording, prioritization, monitoring, analysis and optimization:
– Stage 1: Time Recording – where the actual time for each of the activities is recorded by the employees themselves or by automatic time data collection.
– Stage 2: Monitoring – measures task-related performance using key performance indicators to monitor how the strategy is performing using Time, Priority and Cost.
– Stage 3: Analysis – enables to detect discrepancies between the time plan execution and the a priori model, as well as to analyze bottlenecks.
– Stage 4: Optimization – where strategic decisions and priorities are refined based on the the analysis.
– Stage 5: Prioritization – where the strategic decisions are carried out based on importance and urgency.

Time Analysis enables the effective management of employee’s work by recording employee work time, monitoring the tasks and analyzing the bottlenecks.
Only through analysis of the data that you can begin to understand employee behavior, identify internal trends and discover where work can be improved.

Time analysis is a business methodology of analyzing employee tasks to improve the way core business processes are being run within a company, helping organizations to become more efficient.
Time Analysis enables the effective management of employee’s tasks using accurate working time recording, monitoring and analysis.

Lack of productivity tends to come from companies that do not have the discipline and clarity in the way that roles are defined for each employee.
When employees are unsure of what their role in the job is, when they don’t have a defined policy to follow it can lead to a lack of security, which will decrease performance.
ProcessPolicy.com is an online time analysis software solution for boosting company performance.
The online software solution enables businesses to analyze and boost company performance through dashboards, gauges and reports.