Is It Time to Transition To Another Hospitality Job

The headhunters may be knocking at your door, but that doesn’t mean it is a good time to move to a new job. One good way to determine whether the hospitality industry is looking for what you have to offer is to work with a recruitment firm. Moving too soon, or waiting too long can be the ‘coffin nail’ for most managers.

Moving too soon can add ‘red flags’ to your resume. Moving in the middle of a project, or after 2 + years of no ‘big’ achievements can leave your resume saying more about your weaknesses than your strengths.

Waiting too long can also damage your career potential. Maybe you are on a roll at your current restaurant. Several projects have generated unprecedented successes. Employee turnover and sick days are at an all-time low. The owners and board of directors love you. Job security seems set for at least the next decade.

What can seem like a good thing may become a long term liability. Job stability and generating profits for the owners always looks good on a resume, but will it last? How much growth is left in your current restaurant or hotel? Turning around a failing restaurant is a fantastic thing to add to a resume, but when the work is done your glowing resume will start lagging for years of ‘stagnation.’

Everyone wants to hire the manager who turned around a restaurant that has seen steady growth for several months, or a couple years. No one wants to hire the manager whose last big success was 10 years ago.

Take the Restaurant Owner’s Temperature

Take a look at how the owners are treating you. Have the perks and bonuses stopped? Did the pay raises stop? Did the gifts dwindled from season tickets to an invite to the owner’s BBQ on a long weekend.

Is the owner still hungry and willing to take risks? The factors determining whether you need to transition to a new job may be out of your control. Even if the owner is comfortable and doesn’t want to take risks, so the projects stop, it will reflect badly on your resume as time goes on.

Do You Want to Move?

Maybe the owner installed a pool in your yard and your children love their school. At this time you really do not want to uproot your family, unless the right job comes along. If so, now is the time to contact a hospitality recruitment firm. Your resume will never look better.

Hospitality recruitment firms have jobs listed that are not public. They are discrete and will work hard not to jeopardize your current job. Another option is to hire a career coach to help keep your resume strong. They can help you pitch small project that your boss is more likely to approve. Or, start projects that will have no budget, but measurable gains. This may be as simple as letting the employees create their own Employee Handbook, create a structure for covering the schedule on sick days, or maybe even planting flowers outside the main doors.

No matter what you do, keep in mind that, someday, you will need to pitch this to a recruiter or HR at another restaurant. Track whether revenues went up, sick days dropped, employee turnover decreased, investment into employee training decreased. When looking at your job as a ‘numbers game’ everything is worth tracking – even a decrease in missing product out of the back storage shed.

Ultimately, you are in control of your own career. But there are people out there, like hospitality recruiters, that can help you make the right choices, at the right time.


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