Tips for Dating Philippine Women

There is an indefinable something about Filipino women that makes them to alluring, something that is hard to decipher and is yet distinctive. If you are interested in dating Filipina women and have been at Filipinocupid, the Filipina dating tips and strategies given here will be useful to you. If you are really serious about dating Filipina, then it is important to truly understand her culture and how important her family is to her. Filipinocupid is a great place to find love with a Filipino woman, so you can’t go wrong by trying your luck there. Let’s begin with our tips on Filipina dating.

#1. A Filipino woman has a specific dating mindset and culture which you should know about. She is very traditional by Western standards, although Filipino women are considered to be very modern and outgoing compared to other Asian women. Even if the Filipino woman has been working or studying abroad for a while, her ties to her culture and traditions are unshakeable. You should be respectful of this as well.

#2. Never be late for the date. Your date should feel that you are excited to see her. You should be the one to wait for her; she shouldn’t be the one to wait for you. Always remember this.

#3. When dating Filipina you have met on Filipinocupid, you must dress decently. Filipino women expect their men to be well groomed, neat and tidy. They hate nothing more than shabbiness in a man. Get a decent haircut as well before your date. And buy a new shirt, if you have the time for it.

#4. Filipino women like it when their men smell nice. You don’t have to do anything special, just take a long shower before the date. You should be freshly shaved and look at your best. Use a nice perfume or a mild deodorant – that should please her.

#5. Be a gentleman and pay for dinner. I know, this is unlike dating Western women, many of whom are very modern and prefer to split the check. Filipino women, even though they work with some of the top companies in the world and are highly placed professionally, expect their date to pay for dinner. You are a man, and you are the provider, so you should pay for the dinner. As simple as that! Just be sure you have your credit cards are in balance or you have enough cash, you wouldn’t want to get embarrassed in front of your date.

#6. Don’t expect much on your first date. If you are interested in Filipina dating, you should learn to be patient. Filipino women are put off by sexually aggressive men. They expect their men to wait for them. It takes many dates before they reveal themselves in all their beauty to you. During the first couple of dates, a goodnight kiss is all you should expect. Always be a gentleman, and don’t push it.

#7. Filipino women expect to be courted. Filipino women expect a much greater commitment from you. If you are not ready to commit yourself to her, then you’ll only disappoint her. Be true to your new love, and date her if you are really into her and are very serious about it. She takes the whole thing seriously, that’s why you should take it seriously too.

#8. Dating a Filipino woman also means dating her family. What we mean to say is, family is an integral part of a Filipino woman’s life. She lives with her parents and siblings and it is her tradition to take care of her parents in their old age. But you shouldn’t worry about her family – all Filipinos are warm, friendly and welcoming people. If you respect them, you will get twice as much respect in return. It is very important for a Filipino woman that her boyfriend meets her family’s approval. Dating Filipina women at Filipinocupid opens up a new world of possibilities to you. If you would like to know to dominate Filipinocupid and connect with 1000 Filipino women in just 30 days, with proven ways for successful dating, video chat, picture exchange and marriage – no matter how old you are, do visit All the best!

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