Too tired of your regular leather jackets

Too tired of your regular leather jackets? Well than biker leather jackets and bomber leather jackets have been introduced in the market keeping you people in mind. But let us warn you beforehand, the attention will be too much to handle. And we are not even exaggerating. Biker leather jackets and bomber leather jackets have this effect on people. There is no quicker way of getting in the limelight than owing biker/bomber apparel.


Women bomber leather jackets are the new best thing a woman can own. A woman may grow tired of her fancy Michael Kors bag, or her Tiffany ring or her Marc Jacobs wrist watch, but women can never grow tired of her bomber leather jacket. Its class and swag is beyond infinity as compared to a mainstream handbag or a ring or a wrist watch.

Who wouldn’t want a flawlessly tailored, 100 % pure lamb’s skin jacket, with the touch as soft as butter. The hoods of these jackets are handmade by our faultless craftsmen. These hoods can be attached or detached as per the wish of the owner of the jacket. The multiple pockets in women’s bomber leather jackets not only look good but also give space to a lot of things. Who says style and convenience cannot go together?

The good thing about women’s bomber leather jacket is that you can wear it over anything and still manage to pull of that look. Bomber jackets can be accessorized by cool tassels, shiny metallic studs and patches. These patches are easily removable and surprisingly cheap so you can buy a whole lot. Women’s bomber leather jackets are available in as many colors and textures as one can imagine. So there is a huge variety to choose from. And since they are available at so many outlets, you cannot miss the jacket that is a perfect fit and suits your personality.

Biker leather jackets for men are no less. One thing that confuses people is that biker leather jackets, as their name suggests can only be worn by bikers which is a wrong concept. Biker’s leather jackets can be worn by anyone. They have been named as bikers jackets because they are usually worn by motorcycle riders. People specifically women might confuse you for a biker; yet another advantage of owning a leather apparel.

Like women’s bomber leather jackets, biker leather jackets for men also come in a wide variety of colors and textures. They also come in a wide variety of sizes and fits so that you won’t have any problem choosing the best apparel for yourself. Biker’s leather jackets for men are made from a comparatively tougher material that protects you from bad weather conditions, rays from the sun and cuts and bruises. They are a must have and can be bought at a very cheap price from stores like Urban leather Store.


Urban Leather Store specializes in leather apparel which is famous throughout UK, USA and Canada. Urban Leather Store not only has multiple stores throughout these countries but also provides the facility of delivering leather apparel online.

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