Todd Research and the TR50: Innovating For a Safer Tomorrow

X-Ray imaging technologies are a truly amazing facet of the modern world, and one that many among us tend to take for granted. This incredible advancement literally allows us to peer through solid objects with the help of ingenious engineering that has recruited the help of electromagnetic forces to do something that seems, to the naked eye, quite impossible.


Since their discovery in 1895, x-rays have found themselves at home in a variety of technologies. Most familiar to the majority of people is probably their medical applications, where x-rays are used to peer into internal body structures in order to assess damage or diagnose conditions. In more recent years, the x-ray has made its way into a range of security devices. These devices are used to peer through items such as luggage or packages to look for weapons, bombs, drugs, or other contraband items. Here at this intersection between x-ray technology and security services, we find Todd Research and their TR50 Small Conveyor Scanner.

Taking A Closer Look At The TR50

The TR50 is a fully equipped, small footprint x-ray conveyor scanner. Its operation is simple and highly familiar to anyone who might have encountered an airport security check, where conveyor scanners are routinely employed. Simply place items on the conveyor belt, and as it passes through the device with the help of the electronic motor, a complete x-ray scan is taken and is immediately visible on the connected screen or computer monitor. The image can be digitally manipulated to get a better look at the contents of the image, and it can also be saved for later viewing if necessary.


Ideal for use any place that deals with a high volume of mail or luggage, the TR50 makes short work of scanning even large batches of items. Features such as Density Threat Alert and various filters allow the TR50 to clearly display potential threats or dangerous objects in clear view. TR50 devices are an ideal security measure for locations such as mail rooms at large businesses or corporations, secure areas where certain items may be restricted, large organisations such as banks, hospitals, airports, transit companies, and many other places.


Another benefit of the TR50 is that it is quite compact and has a small footprint, making it ideal for more confined spaces like mail rooms. The tunnel opening for the scanner measures 500mm by 360mm and is built mainly to accommodate smaller packages and small luggage items.


A Short Summary Of Todd Research

With origins stretching back to 1950, Todd Research has been in the x-ray game for a long time. In 1972, they designed and developed the world’s first x-ray security scanner designed specifically for corporate mail rooms. Since then, they have grown into one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of x-ray security technology, supplying customers ranging from governments to a wide assortment of private industries, providing security scanning technologies for all the needs of private and public organisations. Todd Research has dealt with organisations in over 80 countries, making them a truly international brand that keeps people secure the world over.

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