Top 3 Reasons Why Are A Single Woman Over 40 In Hong Kong

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If you are a single woman over 40 in Hong Kong, it may be hard to admit, but you are probably having several destructive beliefs about love that are negatively affecting you. This negative thinking stops you from building a connection with men, or even worse, stops you from going out and interacting with men.

Here are some of the most popular destructive beliefs among single women over 40 in Hong Kong that you have to avoid if you want to get married:

  1. All the good men in Hong Kong are taken. This is the most popular statement among single ladies in Hong Kong. However, if we think logically, nearly half of Hong Kong population is single; every year we have thousands of businessmen coming to exhibitions and forums; people get divorced; and there is China just across the border. So there must be a good single man for you in Hong Kong. Statistics say that now we have a lot of single people in their 40s, 50s and 60s who are looking for marriage. So don’t believe that Hong Kong has no good men available!
  2. No man in Hong Kong is good enough for me. This is the reason why stopped going out. But remember, the more men you meet, the better your chances for finding the husband in Hong Kong. You don’t need all men to be perfect because you only want to marry one man…right?. Furthermore, no one is perfect and neither are you.
  3. All men in Hong Kong are cheaters and players. This is another very popular belief. Just think, is it really possible that ALL single men in Hong Kong are that bad? When you think that all men are bad, you subconsciously look for and attract bad men. Simply because you need proof that your point of view is right. If you start to believe that there are a lot of good men, you will look for examples to back up your new belief. Your mindset will change and you will subconsciously look for and attract quality men.

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