Top 5 challenges faced by Enterprise Mobile App Development Company

If you are thinking of developing an app, your prime focus should be on what to do and what not. There are various challenges faced by enterprise mobile app Development Company every time they start working on a new project.

In this post, you will come to know about the challenges faced by mobile apps development company India and their possible solutions. Let’s have a look at them –

List of challenges with solutions

  1. Creating app to get noticed

There is immense competition in the mobile app market now. Honestly speaking, it has been overcrowded with a number of applications. Therefore, there is a constant pressure on developers to create an application to get noticed in the market.

Solution: Create an app which looks interesting and appealing. Include intuitive design concept, usable features to provide wholesome experience to the users. You can take cues from other applications that fall in your category to guess what strokes users’ minds.

  1. Getting an app fund

Suppose you have a killer app idea, but the question is how do you get fund for it? This is one of the biggest challenges faced by mobile apps development company India. Depending on the features and nature of the app, the cost of app development may be around $ 3000, to $ 200,000.

Solution: Before you get the right investors, there are several ways to raise your fund. Apply for loans, first approach your social circles, friends, family members or look for joint venture companies for investing in such applications. You can take part in app contests if you are having a winning idea in mind.

  1. Dealing with various screen sizes

It is one of the most obvious challenges faced by enterprise mobile app Development Company. Users may have different devices of different screen sizes and designing app for the latest device screen size is a big no. Therefore, the ultimate challenge is to create an application that can run across all devices of different resolutions and different screen size. You need to consider the operating systems of Android, iOS and Windows. Each of these platforms has their own patterns and objects. Therefore, you need to be ready for fixing bugs for different operating systems.

Solution: Go for responsive design. It gives more flexibility and can easily be adjusted to suit different screen size and formats. To deal with various OS issues, releasing a beta version of the app is suggested.

  1. Developing an interactive app

Interaction is equally important as responsive design. Most of the mobile apps development company India face this issue as mobile devices in today’s age come with high-tech sensors and thereby creating interaction is a time-consuming and challenging task to do during the design phase.

Solution: Consider interactions well in advance for saving time during the design phase. Aim to develop a comprehensive design experience. Don’t limit the function of the app to swipe or tap gestures. Bring in mobile interactions like shaking, tilting and flipping that allow the app to respond to direction, environment and position of the device.

  1. Keep it clear and simple

An app that makes users think is not a good one. The greatest challenge for enterprise mobile app development company India is to design and develop an application which is self-explanatory. However, if the functions of the app are not clear to you, it will not be clear to the users as well.

Solution: The best option is to follow a simple and clear structure and thereby, giving instructions and tutorials describing what needs to be done and what not. You may use icons or thumbnails to feature information in a detailed manner.

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