Top 5 Video Game Review Sites You Should Be Reading Right Now


Kotaku is a top grade and pretty centered site on hints, news, previews, and suggestions that cover all gaming platforms. You can always check the articles that look back at the month as a summary, in case you end up missing out on seeing it daily. While it is definitely among the most trafficed videogame review sites, it still maintains that blog feel, which many of us enjoy.

Gamers with Jobs

Gamers with Jobs is something that a significant, albeit narrow, subset of video game fandom will enjoy. What specific subset is this, you might ask? Well…its those with occupations. It boasts itself as a safe place for those with families to feed and bills to pay to congregate. It is also home to an excellent podcast, first class editorial content, and an impressive cast of contributors. And do not worry, if you are not employed like many of us, they won’t kick you out.

Power On Pub

Power On Pub boasts (everywhere, it seems) that it is an indepedent video game review site, and it certainly is. While still smaller than alot of other similar sites, its making waves around the internet due to its quality reviews. They keep their reviews roughly the same size as other review sites (sometimes shorter), let readers vote on games at the end of reviews, and occasionally cover some news.


This particular gaming news site is one most people should have heard of by now. Got Game’s website is among the finest around in regards to video reviews of everything and anything video game related, and anything that is related to the video gaming industry. The website also has sections that are video blogs from the frequent subscribers of the site.

The website also hosts lots of previews of games, in order to allow people to see how the graphics are in any specific title. The website has an episodic radio show in the gaming industry, in the event that you’d rather listen than see words on a screen.

The Escapist
This gaming news site got the People’s Voice Award as well as the Webby Award in 2008. In addition, it hosts a weekly game review show on video. Well worth checking out, for sure!

The internet looks to be quite full of gaming news and review sites. Decide on a couple of your favourite ones for a read that you can enjoy daily.


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