Top gaming gear that every serious mobile gamer needs

If you’re serious about mobile gaming and have decided that you want to improve upon your playing experience, you might want to consider investing in additional gear to take your mobile gaming thrills to the next level.

With that in mind, the following is some of the top gaming gear that every serious mobile gamer needs.

  • External battery charger. This is first on the list of must-have items. Hopefully you already have a portable battery charger for your mobile phone or tablet to make sure that you can always keep your device charged when you are away from home. This way you won’t ever worry about running out of power while you’re engrossed in a great game. While there are many portable battery chargers on the market, a really good one is the Mogix External Battery Charger 10400mAh. This is a powerful dual USB power bank delivery system.
  • Although touchscreens don’t hinder gameplay, when you want to enjoy an old school game, nothing beats using a controller that you can hold. Two examples of controllers worth looking into include the Logitech Powershell Gaming Controller for iPhone, which looks like a squarer version of the Sony PSP, and the MOGA Pro Controller (ideal for Android 2.3+), which somewhat resembles the Xbox One controller. Both controllers provide players with a comfortable grip that may be nicer for longer gaming sessions.
  • Finally, to really immerse yourself in the game you’re playing on your mobile phone it’s a good idea to invest in a good pair of headphones. Headphones not only make sure that the sounds of your games do not bother other people who may be sharing your same environment, but they also allow you to appreciate the sound effects, dialogue and music of the game. If you like over-the-ear headphones, check out the Skullcandy S6HSDZ-072 Hesh 2.0 Headphone. If you prefer the earbud or in-the-ear style of headphone, JBL Temp J01R is the way to go. Both will provide quality sound that will rock your gaming experience, whether you’re playing an RPG, racing games, or even hidden object games.