Top statistics on reputation management

If you do not know anything about reputation management, then it is high time that you did. Your reputation is the first thing that many current and potential customers – and investors – will see about your company, and you want to ensure that they see the absolute best of you. But sometimes, you do not even realise the damage that your incorrect bad reputation could be having on your business. Here are some statistics that you should definitely know about reputation management:

  1. 79% of people trust an online review totally.

Let that sink in for a moment; that means that almost eight out of ten people that read a bad review of your company – even if you know that it isn’t true! – will believe it. In fact, the entire statistic states that those people will also trust an online review just as much as a personal recommendation from a family member or a friend. That shows you the level of trust that online reviews have gained.


  1. Just one extra star can dramatically increase your profits.

This information was gathered through a study on Yahoo ratings, and the results are astounding. If you managed to increase your Yahoo five star rating by just one star, your profits could go up by about 9%. Nine percent is a huge amount!


  1. Over 73% of people trust a company with a positive review.

Proving that reputation can be gained or lost almost immediately, this is the most shocking statistic that we found. Seventy three percent of people that were asked stated that they would immediately trust an entire company if they read one – just one – positive review about them. This shows just how important that initial review is, and why you need to take reputation management seriously.


  1. The top three organic search engine results are the most important to site traffic and visibility.

Organic search engine traffic is the search results that fall under the ‘paid’ traffic sites at the top of search engine results. 35% of all traffic goes to the top position, 12% fall in the second position, and 9% fall on the third results. 51% of all results are limited to the first three organize search results on the internet. It is clear better positioning on the internet means higher yield in click throughs which converts to higher sales. Furthermore, 85% of users do not scroll down once they have found what they are looking for. They simply look at the top three results and 51% stop searching. Lastly, 66% of people think search engine results are fair. They really heavily upon these results and believe that bing, google and yahoo do a fair job of informing the public on the best services available.


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