Top ten tips on how to find the best going out dresses

To help you to find those elusive drop-dead gorgeous going out dresses here are our ’10 top tips’ on how to go out and knock their socks off!

When you are out on the hunt for the perfect going out dress then the experience can sometimes be a little bit daunting, as you trudge tired from one shop to the next only to have your hopes dashed when you find your fave ‘Belle of the Ball’ dress is out of stock.

First go online for your going out dress

You should first look online; there are literally thousands of great web stores out there that will have something to satisfy your fashion needs.  Think of Google as your very own personal shopping assistant, it is your friend when it comes to shopping online and, by using it in the right way, refining your searches properly, you will get the best result and hopefully find the going out dress of your dreams.

Amazingly, Google shopping is planning to offer a chauffeur service to the shops to help you to pick up your purchase but that’s a while off yet!  In the meantime, you may well have to get to those specialist dress shops yourself!

The internet is a great leveller when it comes to shopping

One thing is for sure. The internet enables anyone to easily find and compare similar clothing and dresses from the comfort of your own home. Online shopping is, let’s face it, a lot easier and much less time consuming than going shopping on your local high street. This is especially true with all the demands that are placed on precious free time in today’s world. When you are lucky to have enough time in the day for work, rest and play then shopping can be something of a chore but it needn’t be so if you use your time wisely.


Utilise online shopping blogs

If you spend some time finding online shopping blogs then you will have spent your time well. More often than not you will find that you have come across like-minded people that you can share your own ideas, hints and tips with.  By fully engaging with others you will be able to find what you want quickly. You can even share your own favourite online shopping boutiques, trends and fashion ideas.

When looking for a fabulous going out dress there is a lot more to check out than just the cost. Many websites such as Asos and Lipsy cater to all tastes but can be pricey of course. The best dress shopping bargains will often be found on those less well known specialist sites, particularly where they are offering an end of season sale to customers new and old.


Branded designer labels


Should you have time to get out and about on your dress hunt then make a beeline for those branded factory outlets that are springing up all over the world. These stores will often have last season’s fashion or other difficult to sell ranges in stock but you will often get what you want at a truly great price. The quality of your new going out dress should be great too, assuming that you have chosen a quality brand name naturally.

To find the dress of your dreams simply follow some of these helpful hints and tips that we have put together for you.


Our Top Ten hints and tips on finding a drop-dead gorgeous going out dress:

  1. Check out online fashion blogs and share ideas
  2. Browse through Charity shops, car boots and jumble sales!
  3. Check out well known sites such as Asos and Lipsy for inspiration.
  4. Compare different going out dresses from site to site.
  5. Find the best dress sales online.
  6. Don’t trudge aimlessly from shop to shop, spend your time wisely.
  7. Google is your shopping buddy; use it to find the clothing and dress that you want.
  8. Check your local out of town factory outlets for quality bargains.
  9. Check out Facebook, Twitter etc. for trends.
  10. Don’t rush about too much – take your time!


If you follow our hints and tips in the above guidelines then I am sure that you will find just what you are looking for, good luck!

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