Track Kit Review

Track kit is an awesome app that has helped me a great deal in keeping record of my travel routes. It is a GPS tracker that is convenient and easy to use. I make use of it in finding my way around when I have lost direction. The app can be installed on an iPhone and iPad. It is very helpful whenever I go for hunting, traveling, boating, sightseeing and hiking with my friends.


When I want to record a track all I need do is to press the record button. I can also open or close the extra statistics panel while recording a track. The mini camera is useful for creating waypoints and taking pictures.

Waypoints and labels are also very easy to create and manage. A track can be opened by tapping on the track menu at the base of the main screen.

Track Kit app has an Augmented reality feature that helps in measuring distances to different objects. I can also measure the height and distance of objects. There are map measurement tools, speedometers, compass and rangefinder available on the tools menu.

On you can upload tracks, create tracks and send anonymous tracks without registration; although registration will be required to be able to edit and keep the tracks longer than 14 days. On this site you can also suggest new features to be added to the app.

One feature which I love is the rangefinder which allows me to make quick estimates of distances to objects, targets and landmarks.

Track Kit Pro is the right app for you if you are seeking for an easy-to-use and convenient GPS tracker. With this app you can find out more about new places before you embark on your journey. Also with the help of Track Kit app on your iPad and iPhone, you can also share pictures and travel routes with your friends.


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