Track Kit – The new way to share you travel experience with friends and family

Are you planning on visiting new places and you want to have a mental image of what you might see when you get there? Or do you want to share your travel routes and pictures with your friends and family? The Track Kit app is your best choice. The app is available for the iOS and can be easily installed on your iPhone and iPad! The app is very helpful to travellers, hikers, people who are sightseeing, boating, hunting and navigating around. The Travel Kit app is not only a tracker with so many functions but is also a unique free web service for exploring and presenting your travel routes.scr0

Features of the Track Kit app:

The Interface

Record your tracks: You can add waypoints as well as pictures to organise your travelling logs and prepare new routes to explore.

You can take a picture and create a waypoint on your route with just a click to mark all the interesting places you wish to visit, secret tunnels and running paths.

You can also add images and Google street view panoramas to your tracks to better describe your travelling experience.

You could also create presentations about your travelled destinations to include street view videos and even playback your tracks.

You can also publish your tracks on the track kit website to organize your routes and compare multiple tracks.
What more can you do with this app?
Share tracks and pictures with friends through Facebook, Twitter or Gmail.

For Multipoint distance measurement and radius overlay.

Speed measurement- features rich analog or digital speedometer.

Uses 3D augmented reality to show object positions and directions to waypoints.

See fine object details using the 4x digital zoom.

GPX, KML, KMZ file import and export and many more fascinating features.
Track Kit Pro- Guide

You can record, edit, keep and present your tracks with the Track Kit app. If you are in need of a convenient easy-to-use GPS tracker, Track Kit Pro is the best for you.

The main screen is focused on track recording. You would find all the controls on the main screen. These include the track recording button, tools menu button, track menu button and the main menu button. With the tools menu, users can open rangefinder, speedometer, compass and map measurement tools. The track menu gives access to track, label and waypoint measurement. And wiith the main menu, you get options to change map format, add map labels and open other options.
The Track Kit Pro app is Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 7.0 or later. It supports English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Spanish and over 8 other languages across Europe and Asia with more language updates expected.


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