The Tradition of Giving Bridesmaids Gifts

 casual-wedding-sparklersWhen you select your bridesmaids, you usually choose the women in your life that have made the greatest impact and have been your friends for the longest period of time. These can be your longtime friends from high school or even your older sister if you were close while you were growing up together. Regardless of who you choose to be your bridesmaids, the tradition of giving bridesmaids gifts has long been practiced in the United States as a way to show that you’re grateful for their friendship. Whether you want to give them something unique or buy a gift that all of the girls can share, there are few ways to show your appreciation more than something from the heart.

Unlike gifts that you give to the rest of your guests known as wedding favors, the gifts you give your bridesmaids should be much more special. You can get away with giving inexpensive trinkets to the rest of your guests like wedding sparklers or candle holders, but you need to put a little more thought into the gifts you give your bridal party. Though it may seem like just another task to add to the list of things you need to get done for your wedding, this job can actually be quite fun. Here are a few ideas to help you decide what kind of gift will work best to give to your bridesmaids.

Engraved Gifts

Giving your bridesmaids an engraved gift is a great way to say “thank you” and ensure that they’ll never forget your special bond. Great items to give your bridesmaids that can be engraved include pendants, special goblets, or even medallions that have your wedding date engraved into them. Regardless of what you choose, engraved items are a nostalgic way to commemorate your bridal party.

Spa Day

Bringing your girls out for a spa day is another great way to show your appreciation in a really big way that is both fun and luxurious. There are few things in life more relaxing and pampering than a spa day, so every single one of your gals is sure to have a blast as they get massaged and have manicures and pedicures performed. Additionally, if you schedule them a day or two before your wedding date, you can ensure that all the girls look fantastic on your big day.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are one of the most universal types of bridesmaid gifts because you can make sure to include something for everyone. Fun things that you can put in your gift baskets include chocolates, fine coffees, or scented bubble bath so your bridal party can have a relaxing evening at home. Best of all, there are several websites that offer gift basket options that are sent out already assembled, so you can make it easier on yourself while still giving your girls an amazing bridesmaid gift.

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