Travelgenio, betting for technology

If a few decades ago someone asked us about what would be life right now, in our year, nobody could have been able win the bet.

We are surrounded by technology. Every year, each tech company tries to improve all their products and give a step more to modernity.

The most important thing now is to be connected, not just by phone or mail, but also with the news all over the world.

The new smartphones or tablets have their place almost in every home. If we take a look back to the past, the first generation of mobile phones were used by people over 20 years old.

Is the same right now? Absolutely no. Our kids are used to use technology for many things. At school, they have forgotten the chalk and blackboard and they are using digital blackboards. They are also allowed to play with dad’s smartphones and even they are the owners of one by the age of 12.

But, although the revolution took place in this field of smartphones, phablets or tablets, the computers have advanced a lot since last years.

Are we living in a technology world? Of course yes. Everything has to do with it. Beginning with travels, at the airports, continuing with the smart homes, or even with all the ecommerce, everything is related with technology.

It is very obvious in starts up like Travelgenio, a Spanish travel agency that uses the best of the technologies to their bookings by a clear searcher.

It is also obvious for example in governments, that are betting in the introductions some chips in the identification cards to help citizens with some tramits.

What about the social net? A few years ago, the internet came to our lifes and helped us with our jobs, with the information searching or even with the communication by mail with the other part of the planet.

The social media is a place of union, where people can share their interests, their ideas, their work or even find new friends in other city, country or continent.

We don’t know next step, but the truth is that we are sure that it will also become a technological revolution. Maybe we are talking about intelligent cars, smart machines or even, why not, robots, to make our lifes easier….or not.

It does not matter. Future is coming and technology is going to be again there to show us new ways of communication, medical help or even educational skills.

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