Travelgenio, a high speed booking

We live in a crazy world. Everything is happening around us in a high speed. But is that the way it has to be? No, the tendency nowadays is to slow down everything, start enjoying the refinements in each field.

Years ago, the most demanded service if we talked about restaurants, was the fast food. Today we want something different, we want to enjoy flavours, to spend some time with a nice conversation with our partner or just to relax. The quality is now mesured because of that, of a good space with the characteristics to make us enjoy with the most simple things. But it is not like that in everything. We want things, and we want them now.

In travels is very obvious. With the online travel agencies, we don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for our tickets. We just want to introduce the dates, the destination and the price and, then, decide if we want to book or not. This is what Travelgenio should have thought once they started with their searcher.

What about information. We have get used to know everything important news by the same time it is happening. This has to do a lot with the social media, a new showcase where everybody could actue like a journalist just by telling what is happening in the world because he or she is seeing it in live. Just by clicking some bottoms in a machine, we can buy what we want in a shop. Just by writting a word in a searcher, we can find all the information we need in just seconds. But this is not all about. We need to stop, we need to enjoy our free time, we have to improve the time we spend with our families or just when we have holidays. We are used to a terrific rythm that is not the most healthy one. Don’t worry anyway. This is the normal life. That’s why there are many places offering the possibility to relax, for example in a spa, with different treatments that help you to connect again with yourself.

Have you tried to have a walk in your city, just looking the monuments or the most architectural buildings of its streets? It is a great experience we recommend you. Give yourself the chance to discover again your time, your space and your own speed.

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