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London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Pekin or New York. If we talk about these capitals we are talking about the main fashion cities all over the world. Many flights are booked just because of these dates in the most important and fashion cities. Every year, travelers are hungry to know what will be the clothes that people in London or NY is going to wear.

Once the designers present their collections in these cities, all the industry start their steps to follow all the trend clothes they have thought.

We have always heard about fashion as a difficult area to follow as it does not fit everyone. The truth is that, every year, shops try to copy the style of the most important marks to suit street people, with budgets that don’t allow to spend the high prices of the exclusive shops in the main streets of the fashion capitals.

So, is fashion something that everyone can afford? Of course yes. There are many chains with shops all over the world that simulate the main style of the designers and try to give the option to wear the most suitable and trend garments, complemented with the most modern accesories, one of the most important parts of a look.

But we are not just talking about the fashion weeks and gangways of capitals like Madrid or London, we are also talking about the new way of following fashion: the bloggers.

All over the world we have seen many it girls or boys telling people how to wear a dress, a skirt, a shirt or the most suitable trousers.

Is people forced to follow their instructions? Of course not. Fashion is not just to copy the actresses style or models looks.

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Everyone has to know their strengths and weaknesses and follow their common sense. It depends on your body and your dare. If you want to be taken into account, you just have to feel comfortable with the clothes you wear, if not, you are dressing you up.

But, of course, if you want to know the most modern shops, you have to go to the cities where you can find alternative fashion collections. In this way, the best option is to find a travel agency that guarantees you the best prices and security, like Travelgenio.

It is not difficult to feel good with yourself if you just follow your own instructions. The best part of fashion is that nothing is really written. You can bet for the most original look and if you feel yourself, it could be the best one for you.

Of course, everywhere we look around we can find the dictates of the fashionists, but it is your choice to follow them or just adapt their tips to the person you want people to see when you get involved with them.

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