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Although, it’s not easy to turn a girl on over text, here I have given few steps about it. Please take a look at these steps and hopefully you will be able to turn a girl on over text.

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First of all, don’t be too much boring and predictable. These two things are considered as the worst text flirting crime. However, the text message which you are going to send a girl must need to be funny and interesting as well. If you think that you are not such a person who can make fun or give pleasure, then I will suggest you not to text her. You can also visit at in order to get some information in details.

Try to get personal. This is one of the most important facts of text messaging. It will be much better if you use her name in the message. You can also use her nick name. It is more effective than using her real name. Never forget to use the terms “we” and “us” in your messages. The girls love this thing most.
Your third duty is to pay her a compliment. You know it makes them feel appreciated and special. Always try for a classic compliment and also ensure that the compliment is genuine.
You know you need to be more mysterious in order to turn a girl on over text. Avoid sending her an elaborate message. It’s quite boring to read this type of message. For example, if she asks how the program was or how your day was, just try to make a short reply like “it was a great day”. The main thing is you need to allow her to ask you a lot of questions.
If possible, tease her a little. The girls like this thing very much. Moreover, teasing is considered as the great flirting method. It actually makes a type of intimacy between you without getting too much serious. Although I told you before, but, now I am again saying that try to call your girl by using her cute nickname. Much better if you create a sweet and horny nickname of her by yourself and call her using this name. Just try to understand her attitude at first and then choose a nickname by yourself. In this case, “little miss perfect” or “freckles” are some good examples.
Try to be suggestive. It is true that each and every text flirting relationship would be unfinished without a little naughty suggestiveness. For example, by asking her what type of dress she’s wearing you could easily go down the classic route. You can also pay her a compliment about her dress or you can also mention like which dress can make her more attractive and beautiful. You may be little nervous about going down the sexier route, then you can easily try by vainly mentioning that you just got out of the shower. If she replies in a sexually flirtatious way, for example, “I would like to watch it” or “great”, then you will know that she’s completely open to it.

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