Twitter Marketing Tool Developer SocialCentiv Names Winners in the Twitter Marketing Game

The company with one of the most sought after Twitter marketing tools on the market has made a list of the best Twitter marketing efforts seen so far.

SocialCentiv, which boasts one of the top Twitter marketing tools on the market, has outlined a list of companies whose efforts to market via the top social network have proven inspirational over time. Among the companies that made the list are one of the nation’s leading news sources and an automaker.

For Twitter Marketing Inspiration

As stated in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “Great leaders inspire greatness in others.” According to the SocialCentiv team, there is truth in the statement, which is illustrated by what can be obtained from reviewing the successes of many of the nations top businesses.

In the recent blog article, “Our Favorite Big Twitter Marketing Wins” SocialCentiv states, “There are a lot of brands out there doing great things on Twitter that we should all applaud.” The company outlines successes of their top picks including how a creative effort on the part of Radioshack garnered them 65 million impressions in a 24-hour period.

According to SocialCentiv, there is tremendous reward for any type of business in finding creative ways to engage with Twitter users. The company’s SocialCentiv software is an example of a proven effective platform that businesses can use to garner more potential customers. The company is offering a free seven-day trial to businesses that would like to sample the intelligent software and see what benefits they can receive from it.

About SocialCentiv

SocialCentiv is a self-serve application that helps businesses achieve a higher level of Twitter marketing success. The tool combs through conversations on Twitter and finds those most relevant to what a business offers. It employs intent-based marketing as a solution for engaging with prospects in the most effective way.



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