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Of course, there are unspoken rules regarding promotion on Twitter that should be kept in mind. It is considered unseemly and, frankly, annoying for bloggers to set up Twitter accounts for the sole purpose of promoting themselves. An account filled with links to their blogs is more or less dismissed as spam by most users. This is why bloggers should take extra care to not just create a Twitter account, but actually use Twitter. Using Twitter includes posting tweets about something other than a blog! Posts about day to day life, pictures of vacations or projects, questions to Twitter friends or other Twitter users, and reblogs are all a part of actually using Twitter. For some bloggers, this might seem like a daunting task. Tweeting? Friending? Reblogging?

But Twitter won’t be of much use to any blogger if their account is not taken seriously—when it is considered to be a “real” account and not just a front for getting a higher view count that is when the benefits of promotion will actually kick in. After all: Would you be more likely to view the website of someone who does nothing but spam links to their blog—or someone who you’ve talked to on Twitter before that mentions their blog posts in between real ones? The answer is, of course, obvious. People are much more likely to accept promotion from those they believe are genuine and not just looking to use people to get more money or views for their website.

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Twitter Logo (Photo credit: Jon Gosier)

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