What are USB dongles used for?

USB dongles are primarily used for providing a copy protection mechanism for commercial software. One can only use such protected software with the dongle attached to the system.

Dongles are really convenient as they don’t occupy all USB ports in the system – one is enough, as they can pass along the data coming through them to other dongles attached.

Sharing a USB dongle
As much as USB dongles are about security there are situations when you need to share them with remote computer or with the virtualization software installed on the same machine where the dongle is connected. In this latter case it is well-known that there is no way to access the USB ports of a host machine from virtual environment. However with the special software like USB Network Gate there is a way to make USB dongle usable on a virtual machine.

Share USB dongle over network
USB Network Gate is a versatile solution. It also allows sharing and accessing USB devices over network. You can share a USB dongle over the Internet, LAN, WAN. This is done really easily. Follow these steps:

1. Download USB Network Gate and install it on the computer with the dongle physically attached. Then install the copy of the app on the computer that will be accessing the dongle.
2. Open the app on Server, that is the computer with the device connected, and select USB dongle from the list of devices. Click ‘Share’.
3. On the Client computer that will be accessing the device, find the shared dongle on the list and click ‘Connect’.

USB Network Gate is available for macOS, Windows and Linux operating systems which makes it super versatile as you can share and access USB devices across platforms.

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