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Looking for affordable and romantic Valentine’s Day centerpieces you can make yourself. Here are five simple projects that make beautiful Valentine’s Day centerpieces! All of the materials are super cheap and should allow you to make a nice large Valentine’s Day centerpiece. These are all great for a long dinner table that needs quite a bit of decoration in the middle to fill it up.
You can make a beautiful and simple affordable centerpiece put pf some simple: Large Silk Leaves, Chocolates, Candles and a Platter. Simply look buy some large green laves from the local arts and craft store. Lay them out in a border on you large platter. Place you candles in the middle of the platter and surround them with some pre wrapped Valentine’s Day chocolates. Hershey Kisses are perfect for this! You have a romantic centerpiece that you can nibble on.
For a more formal and colorful affordable Valentine’s Day centerpiece you will need: Glass Jars, Candles, Hershey’s Kisses, and some Ribbon (Optional). Place your pillar candles in the glass jars. Pour in some whole red or silver wrapped Hershey’s Kisses around ht candles. You can add more detail with some Valentine’s Day ribbon. I like to make this centerpiece with some leftover drinking glasses that are big enough to hold some pillar candles. This is a great way to use glasses that may spend most of their life on the shelf in the kitchen cabinet.
Do you have some beautiful and simple dinnerware or even some fancy china? For this simple centerpiece you will need: dinner plates, candles, and red and white carnations. Well, try busting out one of those extra plates and placing some pillar candles in the middle of it. You can make it more formal by placing a simple ring of red white carnations around the plate as well. This is a great way to carry on a uniform look on your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner table if you are already using a special china pattern.
For a very natural and earthy inspired Valentine’s Day centerpiece you will need: sticks or twigs, red ribbon, glass jar, and a candle. Simply collect a variety of twigs and sticks from the yard. Snap them off to the same height as your jar. You can use some hot glue to glue them to the jar vertically. Next, slip your candle into the jar and tie a beautiful Valentine’s Day ribbon around the jar covered in twigs. This is a great centerpiece to make for your romantic dinner table on a small scale as well. You can use short rocks glass or even juice glasses in place for the jar. Snap your twigs off at the short height. Drop in a tea candle and tie a thin Valentine’s Day ribbon around the centerpiece. You could still use hot glue for this because it easily pops off when cooled. This way you do not ruin your drinking glasses.
Finally, for a simple and affordable centerpiece on your Valentine’s Day dinner tables your will need: teacups and saucers, tea candles or floating candle, and single flowers or mini roses. This is another great Valentine’s Day centerpiece if you have some simple china or tableware. We rarely use those teacups, so break them out here. Make a row of ten teacups and saucers down the center of your Valentine’s Day dinner table. Fill each one with water. Add a floating candle or a tea candle. Next, you can fill the teacups with those great mini roses that are at the grocery store. You could also ad s a little water to these teacups and put in a single stemmed flower. This is an elegant way to light up your entire dinner table. This would also be great if you wanted to place a teacup at every seat. This way you can have all of your china out whether you are serving coffee or not!

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