The Vani Rani

The Vani Rani episode begins at Karthik’s house poongodi expresses her desire to live with Karthik. Karthik accuses her for acting and torturing him. Karthik’s parents and Grandpa advises him. But he doesn’t stops scolding her. Their conversation hits the peak and Poongodi decides to walk off from that house. Megala stops her from packing the bag but she didn’t listens to anyone and started to her home. While going she tells Karthik to be happy without her presence and leaves.

Scene shifts to Pooja’s house, while cutting her nails she cuts her skin and Gautham came their to help her before her father gets up. She starts looking at him with love. Kathir was very happy to see Gautham and Pooja and blesses them with all the happiness. Meanwhile, Thenu comes to meet Gautham and was frightened to see Kathir. The kidnap scene was running in Thenu’s mind. Gautham comes and consoles her not to get afraid of Kathir. Thenu said, that she wanted to talk to his brother without anyones presence and she started telling that how Surya behaves with Rani ma and Swami and she also told him that her parents wants to sell the hotel and settles the amount to Vani. Kathir interrupts and says that the hotel is the only source of income for them, for that Thenu replies that you also did the samething to us, he immediately says sorry to her. Thenu asked Gautham to help her in this situation. Gautham promises her that he will surely help and drops Thenu at her school.

Poongodi comes to her Mother’s home and told her parents that she will be in the house for 1-2 days and Karthik itself will comes to take her back. Mano and Jothi wants to go to meet Mano’s father but Poongodi stops them and told them that she will wait for Karthik to come her and told them that they don’t need to worry about her.
Swami and Saravana comes with a bag full of money and told Rani that they sold the hotel and came up with this money, Gautham also enters the house and told Rani that he came to stop this. But everything happened before he comes. But Rani and his family was very strong in their decision and Gautham couldn’t convince them at all.

The episode starts at Rani house, Gautham was arguing with Rani do not give money to his mother. But Rani asked him to leave, because Vani doesn’t likes to talk to him. Swamy says that everything is over and he sold and brought the money with them. Rani asks Swamy to give the money to Vani and come back.
Siva admitted his so called cousin in a hospital and calls Rajesh. Rajesh thought that Selvi was admitted in hospital he was very nervous. Siva started acting that she tries to attempt suicide, because she is pregnant which was told by Siva to Rajesh. Rajesh was shocked to here this and scolds her that he loves only Selvi and not anyone else and she is the only girl in his life forever.
Dimple brought the document to her mother’s home and she handed over the document to her mother and keep it safely. Her mother accepts the document and at the same time Dimple got a call from that unknown person and he asks her to get 5 lakhs for him. She starts crying and her uncle consoles her and gave 5 lakhs to her and he says that he will take care the rest of the things.
Dimple goes to meet the unknown person and he asks her the money, suddenly her uncle comes with some Gundas and attacks that person and took the memory card from him and she goes happily.
Dimple came to Vani’s house happily and Vani watches her behavior. Dimple went inside her room and she told Surya that she kept the document in her mother’s place and he nods his head as an acknowledgement.
Swamy came to Vani’s house with the money and stands in the door step. Vani saw him shockingly and the episode ends.

Swamy reached Vani’s home with the bag and she invites him into her home and Bhoomi also follows her. Dimple, Surya and Grandma was shocked to see him.Swamy hands over the money to Vani told her that he’s got 11 lakhs which they bought from her to start the hotel. Vani and Bhoomi was not accepting the money, but Swamy was very stubborn and keeps the money. While arguing with them, Swamy told about that Surya gave salary for his work in Bhoomi’s office. They both were shocked to hear this and Vani was interrupting swamy to tell what had happened. He told everything about the salary which was paid by Surya. Surya and Dimple was frightened to hear this and didn’t speak a word. Swamy leaves the place leaving the bag full of money.
Vani was shouting at Surya about his misbehavior with them and she tries to slap her, but Dimple stops her by holding her hand and the argument begins between them. Vani had a doubt that the way she behaves is replicating Surya’s grandma and she also told this to Bhoomi. She also wanted to find the reason behind her way of behaving indifferently.
Shiva meets Selvi in a restaurant and was talking about Rajesh, but she is not ready to talk about him. She tolds him that she is even ready to divorce him and make him to marry Geetha. Hearing this Shiva feels happy.
Swami came back to his home and explains everything to Rani, and he also told his doubt that Vani is not aware of Surya’s act. Rani and the complete family is shocked to hear this and the episode ends.

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