Voice Over Talent Now More Affordable By Hiring Online

Previously, hiring a professional voice actor was an expensive process. There was casting directors and agents to deal with, expensive recording studios, and then residuals had to be paid for the final recording’s usage. A smart and fresh voice over website has streamlined the process and that’s helped to bring the price down.

The Voice Realm is unique in the fact that all voice talent on the site are pre-screened. There are no amateurs to have to sort through. Clients deal directly with real voice talents utilizing home studios that save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in production fees.

Through many years of development, and after consultations with voice over talents, producers, clients and many involved in the industry, The Voice Realm voice professional casting website has now helped over two hundred and fifty clients add a professional image to their on hold messages, radio commercials, in store announcements and many other applications.

As the internet continues to grow and new technology brings more graphic and audio intense websites and applications, professional voice over talent for voicemails are in demand to add a new depth to online media.

Some clients are using voices to narrate on-page texts, and even recording professional audio commercials which play on certain pages, increasing conversion rates and in turn improving profits.

Voices can be searched via various categories, styles, genders and accents. Once a voice is chosen they can either be auditioned free of charge, or booked immediately.

Unlike some other voice over casting sites, there are no hidden fees or charges. Rates are clear and consistent. There’s no wondering which voice over talent  is going to record your script.


The site is live at http://www.thevoicerealm.co.uk

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